Your Hosts

Chef Robert Spencer, Jr.

Chef Robert Spencer, Jr.Robert, a native of Philadelphia, PA, got his taste for baking when he entered the “Men’s Bake-Off” at his local church. He later graduated from The Restaurant School in Philadelphia with a degree as Pastry Chef. Later, touring France, he advanced his education by learning the various styles and techniques of French pastry-making, as well as attending world-renowned Chef Wesley Wilton’s final “Pulled Sugar” class.

Robert’s professional experience has spanned many venues. From the kitchens of many well-known hotels in Philadelphia, Robert was lured by the promise of warm weather and relocated to the Florida Keys in the early 1990s. Since moving to Florida, Robert has held positions as Head Baker at The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Bakery Manager for Publix Supermarkets and Pastry Chef for the Hilton Hotel Resort and Marina in Key West. With a long resume of varied experience, Robert still yearned for something more - something he could call his own.

In 2002, his dream of owning and operating his own bakery was finally realized when he and his partner, Gloria Teague, bought The Islamorada Restaurant & Bakery. Well known for his delicious pastries - affectionately referred to by locals as “Bob’s Bunz” - his greatest artistic expression comes from creating a special Wedding Cake that becomes a loving memory for a happy bride.

Gloria Teague

Gloria Teague.Gloria is originally from our Nations Capital, Washington D.C. In the early 1960’s the Family loaded up the truck and moved to Florida. “We moved in with my Grandparents, all 13 of us - soon they moved out to regain peace and quiet. My Mother still lives in the same house today.” After a 20 year career with Publix Supermarkets in Melbourne, FL, Gloria’s love for scuba diving prompted her move to the Florida Keys in the early 1990’s. It wasn't long before she traded in her corporate office for a scuba tank and a dive boat and made the Florida Keys her home. She spent a number of years in the diving industry working, teaching scuba and ultimately “The Fearless Leader” of Lady Cyana, one of the most successful dive shops in Islamorada & The Florida Keys.

In 2002, Gloria’s entrepreneurial spirit was calling her once again. It was time to do something new and exciting. So she jumped ship and along with her best friend and business partner, Robert Spencer, Jr., they purchased The Islamorada Restaurant & Bakery. Today, known for their delicious pastries and elegant Wedding Cakes, Robert and Gloria have also established a loyal local following at the restaurant.